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Customize your VAÏRA


Dedicated to those who want to stand out. Vaïra's bespoke service enables clients to play an active role in the creative stage of designing their own pair of shoes. Specialized staff will guide you through the exciting process of choosing your ideal shape, material and color, and help you finalize the unique details of your custom design.

We have more and more clients who “dare” to design their shoes. We are working on a configurator so that you can customize and see in real time how your VAÏRA would look.

Until then, you can do so by contacting us by phone, WhatsApp, email, or by direct message on our Facebook and Instagram accounts.

You can combine skin type, colors, choose sole ... AT NO ADDITIONAL COST.

Contact us and design your dream shoes!


Monday to Friday: 10: 00h a 15: 00h


Monday to Friday